Wolfram Lakaszus

The conceptual and media artist is a career changer: studies of social science informatics and educational sciences in Koblenz - with guest semesters in Hagen, Hamburg and Berlin); commissioned works since 1989, public exhibitions since 2001. Main focus of his life since 1996 in Bochum with base (Atelier) in Berlin.

Installations that stimulate the creativity and courage of the recipient. In the act of shining with a pinch of humour, mirror-like, impertinent, mischievous, and paradoxical.

In projects, Wolfram Lakaszus considers a three-phase process model to be an ideal:
With a development phase - in the closest possible cooperation with colleagues of other genres or experts who do not understand themselves as artists at first. An exhibition phase in which the­the objects are exposed and released for exploration and testing. And finally a performance phase in which practiced users discover the immanent possibilities in front of an audience.


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