Werner Kollhoff (Vorsitzender)

In my painting behind glass with acrylic paints everyday scenes  are captured. The bodies of the depicted persons, which are only vaguely indicated  and the colours and reflections of the glass are to be merged. 

In contrast to the stage design of my dance theatre pictures , the broken light conditions and the dissolution of objects should lead to a fusion of furniture, space and people  and thus to a new pictorial space. The moment captured in the picture, not a pathetic pose, but only  the fixed fraction of a movement, are part of an atmospheric whole and in the reduction of the consciously chosen pictorial detail, give a precise picture of the mood of space, time and action.

Curriculum Vitae

  • 1955 born in Essen, Germany
  • 1974 - 1979 Studied art education in Essen, Germany
  • 1980 - 90 teachers in Schwelm
    since 1990 freelance artist
  • 1995 founding member of the Kunstraum art initiative
  • 1997 and 1999 co-organiser of the cave art exhibition in Ennepetal
  • since 1998 member of the professional association of visual artists
  • 2003 - 2007 Member of the professional association of visual artists
  • since 2008 organizer and curator of the art exhibition "Cave Art - Strong Places" in Ennepetal, Germany
  • since 2014 Chairman of Kunstraum-EN e. V.