Reinhard Dedecek

 Abstract photography cannot be compared to abstract painting, as the basis is different. In painting, the artist is completely free in his design. As a photographer, I have to work with the surfaces, shapes and colours that are given to me in reality during the shooting. With the computer, however, I can now have a decisive influence on colours and light, so that I can live out my creative will in a certain frame.

Montages, as in the picture "Dortmund IV", represent another form of artistic interpretation of reality. Sometimes up to 6 pictures and partial pictures are shifted in and above each other in order to arrive at a clear statement.

In my latest works I combine photography and painting. I show the connection of both media and the procedure in a presentation, which I created with Adobe Spark.

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Dortmund IV

Dortmund IV




I have been photographing since my youth. After a short time I developed and enlarged my photos first in black and white, later also in color, to get better results.

Initially, I professionalized my hobby by acquiring the state teaching qualification for photography.
Young people learned design, photography, black and white and colour processing with me. In 1996 I started experimenting with digital photography and working on the photos on the computer.
The pictures published here are a small excerpt from my series on abstract photography. In these photographs, the focus is not on the representational, but on the idea of reinterpreting reality.

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