Pierre Bogaerts

His work explores the boundaries of art. In search of connections between art, science, religion and philosophy. From December 31st to January 1st of each year he produces a small design from 1975 onwards. The work evolves over time and is therefore never finished.

Studied graphics and three-dimensional design at the "Portaelsschool Vilvoorde" and at the "Rijks Hoger Kunstonderwijs" Brussels ".
Nomination: Belgian Young Investigators' Prize 1978, André Beullens Prize 1980
Member of the Royal Portaelskring Vilvoorde since 1974 and Chairman since 2009
Member of the international artists' association in Ennepetal, Germany Kunstraum-EN since 2004
Dozens of study trips to the Nepalese Himalayas and the far north of Europe
Works regularly in nature with the Portaelskring group
Exhibiting every year in Belgium with the county and in Germany with the Friends of the Kunstraum-EN
Has also exhibited in Vienna, Rome and Bologna
Retrospective Exhibition "The Unfinished Symphony" 2009


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