Maria Bemelmans

Maria Bemelmans Art Studio

Multidisciplinary, experimental, contemporary artist of two- and three-dimensional art, installations and poetry.

She studied internationally and completed her studies at the University of Health Care, the University of Nimmweg - Pedagogy and Philosophy, the Academy of Applied Arts, the Faculty of Arts of the Maastricht Academy of Arts, the Institute of Architecture and Architecture and placed the Crown on her artistic studies by obtaining the title of MA Master of Arts in European Arts and Cultures at the Universities of Leicester (GB, UK). This versatility is always to be found in her work. In addition to a keen interest in contemporary art, architecture, film, sound, poetry and literature, she dedicates herself to these disciplines. In their expressive art we find these backgrounds in an advantage for stratification in forms, colours, space, rhythm, movement, movement, light, sound, nature, human body and spirit, cultures and sciences. In her two- and three-dimensional art she processes art history, cultures, sciences and poetry, where she has never set limits on the choice of a material. An effort towards the energetic combinations has always been made, where glass, bronze and other metals, plastics, natural materials such as wood, stone, ephemeral materials such as clay, light and fog play a role. For contributions to thematic exhibitions, she likes to draw inspiration from the place (Genius Loci'), the primordial forces such as earth, water, fire and air, history, tradition, mythology and contemporary developments. Old and contemporary materials and techniques merge into her art. She likes to work into the matter and thus leads a dialogue, creating a calm poetic sphere. Cultures, travel, landscapes, space and sciences are important themes for her art. Movement is change, growth is life. In nature and in the cosmos, no fixed image is requested, you always change from form and in relation to each other, everything flows, or' Panta Rhei'. She has earned her reputation with numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad and with publications of contemporary art, poetry lectures, readings, as well as activities as art coordinator and coach.

Werner Richard - Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation' in Herdecke (Germany), artwork "Wächter der Zeit", permanently in collection of the foundation, more info. 2016 10 April - 8 May, Ennepetal (D),' Opening of the new exhibition and atelier' of Kunstraum EN, Objects and Paintings, Bergstrasse 32 (corner Wiemerhofstr.), 58285 Ennepetal. Opening 10 April 11:00. Open fridays 17-19, sundays 11-13. 3 June - 3 July, Weather (D),' 12 Rooms', Artists and Friends of Kunstraum EN in' Kunsthaus Villa Böhmhof', Kaiserstrasse 50,58300 Wetter (D), on fridays 16-19, weekends 11-14. More info in pdf. 27 August - 18 September, Munster (D), Glass Sculpture and Garden, International Glass Art Exhibition. 11 December - 26 January 2017, Den Helder (NL),' IJZINGWEKKEND 3' - group exhibition with the N. K. V. B. Nederlandse Kring van Beeldhouwers (Dutch Society of Sculptures, in the Kunsthal 45, Koningstraat 43-45,1781 LE Den Helder (NL). For further stations and examples see website: (flash player required!)